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All Rights Reserved ©2012 Ray or Tawny Canales

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Welcome to our website!  We are adventurers, nature lovers, and serious amateur photographers.  It is a great combination!
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a we try and make the most of it!

What do you get when you cross an old Boy Scout, who has a love for family, nature, camping, adventure, traveling and photography with a very a patient lady, who loves family, loves nature, and learned to go camping, traveling, go on adventures, and do photography? You have fun! We have had some great photographic adventures, have taken a lot of photos, and will figure out what to do with them some day! We have learned a lot, we still a lot of learning to do, and have had a blast in the process. I have always been a graphic person, and love everything to do with photography, and nothing makes me happier than to share that love of photography.
We live in a great big world, with many beautiful things in it, and we now have technology that allows us to capture images and do sooooooo much with them, instantly. (What is this film stuff you keep talking about?). It is hard to keep up with it all.
My work in the security technical world has allowed me the priviledge of being able to travel on business, and was able to take a lot of photos that way. I also accrued a lot of miles, and that allowed me to take Tawny on some of the trips, and or plan our own trips. As the house was filling up with film and slides, Tawny pushed me into the digital camera world in 2000 with my first 3.2M pixel camera. I would always go places, and Tawny would take books or meander around while I took pictures, which sometimes could take a while (Really, 1 ½ hours at the Lincoln Memorial, late at night, raining, 40 degrees?). Well, Tawny is patient, and when I upgraded to a 5M pixel camera, with thoughts of a underwater housing for the 3.2M camera, and she asked, “Can I play with your old camera?” What else could I say? 
The rest as they say, is history, all of the years looking at my photos, Tawny developed her own eye, and it is unique.  She will start to take a photo and I will start to tell her that it will not work, but have stopped myself, as she has to do this learning curve herself. She has taken some great photos that way! I coach and mentor her of course, and as we are side by side, a lot of our photos look a lot alike, but that is also ok, sometimes I am shooting close up and she is shooting wide angle!  It has doubled the price of our hobby, but it is great to have someone to share it with. She is not quite as committed as I am, (or maybe crazy as I am) “ what, you are getting up before sunrise to go track deer at the park, but we are on vacation, I want to sleep, wake me when you get back!” She is not technical, “Ray, I downloaded my photos, and cannot find them again”. That is ok, also, we have our roles. I do all of the technical work, setting up cameras, computer work, driving the big truck with the camper in tow, she is the go-fer in between, makes great chicken pot pie to freeze and go in the camper before we go, does details and maps, and we do the organizing, a great team effort. She really has a great eye for spotting critters when we are taking photos too!
We have had many great adventures, we have camped in most of the State Parks in Florida south of Gainesville, along with Ocala National Park .  We live in south Florida and it is a long drive to get anywhere. However, we have also camped thru Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and one of our favorites, Smoky Mountain National Park. We have taken a trip leaving from Vegas, thru Southern Utah, Zion, Bryce, Escalante, Moab, Arches, Natural Bridges, Newspaper Rock, then into Arizona to Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Sedona, Red Rock, Window Rock, Petrified Forest, Phoenix, Mesa, a bunch of parks in that area, and back up to the Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Park. Another big trip was North on the inside passage from Vancouver to Seward on a great cruise, a few days in Seward area doing tours, then a bus to Fairbanks to pick up a rental car, where we went to Denali National Park for a weeks adventure. Southern California area, then driving from there to Vegas to work while Tawny played princess, was a different adventure, but still, lots of photos and fun.
We have had overseas adventures, Russia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Hawaii, all with Tawny and I taking photos and or video depending on how long ago it was. i.e, Russia was 1998. (Film days, 79 rolls, in 15 days, VHS tapes). 

I have not neglected the United States, I have been in all but 11 states for business and personal travel, camera in hand. South America, Mexico, Far East and Europe a little, but that is enough to get a few shots. A couple of years ago I was trapped in Europe when the Icelandic volcano blew and all flights were grounded coming back.
I have recently changed positions at work so that I do not travel any longer, and you would probably think that I am crazy for doing that after reading the above. I have traveled a lot, and as such, missed some family things, and now, would like to be home for some new family things going on, getting up at 330 to catch the 600 am flight, enough said on that, and the travel world has changed to the point that it is just not as much fun flying any more, unfortunately, but that is the truth of it. I would also like to be home, get some things done, like a new intro to my web page (you are reading it), take some classes, get organized, all kinds of things…….start some more adventures camping, day trips, Everglades, parks, etc., and when you are around more, you can do that…..
SO…..that is it, you will see a lot about us, what we do, and how we do it on the upcoming pages, and we will share our love of photography and adventures……I plan to add some how- tos as I get them in place, and grow from there as I learn how to do more with the WEB side of it……..I have even had some success at a few photo contests, but more on that later… This is a photo of us, freezing, taking a self portrait in a mirrored door on a ship, heading north on the inside passage!

Thanks - We do not want to take the risk of hurting anyone's feelings by leaving them out here, if we did, please understand that it is not intentional.  I would like to thank my entire family, as they have always made allowances for us during the holidays and our camping.  I would like to thank my Mother, Katherine (Kay) Canales, who took us camping as kids, to the woods and the beach on trips, which gave me a love of the outdoors, we miss you ma!  

From a photography point of view, my father Corando Canales in my early years, took a lot of photographs, looked at mine, and encouraged me, and to my step mother, Irene Canales, who has told me from day one, go....don't wait, or postpone your trips.....go...go and go. To my Brothers and families: Joe and Debi, Greg and Tracy, Zack and Wayne, my sister Lawanda who has always been there for us all, and a special thanks to my niece Allana Canales Fernandez who is a cancer survivor and what a fighter, and her great husband and friend, Andrew Fernandez.

A big thanks to Tawny's entire family, Lois Sellars, Tawny's mom who loves our photography and has made us several quilts and crafts from them, (an artist herself) to Brenda Jacobson, Tawnys’s sister, and all of the Jacobson children, Lance Sellars (Brother) wife Julie and children as they have always understood us going to Tampa for the holidays and accommodated us, as I am here in South Florida the rest of the year.  The New York crew, Tawny's sister Cindy, husband Ted, another photo and techie enthusiast, and family for constant support.

Thanks to all of our dear friends who camp with us, who watch our house so we can go on our adventures, those who support us by encouragement and other ways, and those who are the best of friends.....George, Sandy, Jim, Nancy, and some unmentionables, you know who all you are,etc. etc. etc. etc.

All Rights Reserved ©2012 Ray or Tawny Canales

In Loving Memory:

Katherine (Kay) Jewell Canales  (mom)        2/27/1934 - 3/4/2009


Caitlyn (Katie) Marie Jacobson   (beloved niece, camper, computer buddy)        1/11/88 - 2/17/04

September 11th, 2001 - We will never forget: Dedicated to all the victims, those in New York, Penn., DC, those who watched these events unfold in person and on TV, those in the Military who are and have always  protected our shores and our rights.  Let us not forget the brave women and men of the Fire and Police who go to work every day to serve and protect us.

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